Welcome to Tai Chi in Warwick

Here you can find information on the relaxed and informal weekly classes in Warwick that offer Yang style Tai Chi, including both Long and Broad Sword forms, fan form as well as Qigong.

Tai Chi in Warwick is part of the Wha Duc Lung Martial Arts Association headed by Master Bob Weatherall, which is recognised by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.

For more experienced students we also practise fan form plus both long sword and broad sword forms.




What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi is a form of low impact exercise developed by the Chinese many centuries ago but it is so much more than just an exercise. Tai Chi is an internal cultural art and is a path to mental, physical and spiritual fitness. It can also be an effective method of self-defence. There are a number of styles and interpretations of the art following the more recent rise in popularity of Tai Chi Chuan.

At Tai Chi in Warwick we focus on Yang style Tai Chi, concentrating on a variety of open hand forms that include the 24, 37 and 48 posture forms plus the Simplified 24 Forms composed by Jifu Huang.

For more experienced students we also practise both long sword and broad swords forms.

"Relaxes your mind and body"
"Gently strengthens and tones muscles"

Open Hand Form

The open hand forms of Tai Chi are the slow, gentle and flowing movements that are sometimes referred to as meditation in movement. The Forms are made up of a number of postures that are linked together in to one long flowing routine. Practising the Tai Chi forms will help improve balance, health and general wellbeing. It will also promote the smooth flow of internal energy or Chi. The gentle movements aid relaxation and quietening the mind, which is invaluable in today’s stressed and fast paced world.


Colin Hooper

Colin Hooper began studying martial arts as a teenager and practised Judo and Karate for ten years before discovering Tai Chi. This he has now been practicing for over 28 years, starting his Tai Chi journey with Paul Brewer of the Heaven Mountain School in Surrey, where he learnt Cheng Man Ching 37 posture form and the Heaven Mountain Long Form.

On moving to the Midlands he joined the Wha Duc Lung Martial Arts Association, to further his understanding of Tai Chi with Master Bob Weatherall, learning a variety of forms that include the Bejing (24 postures) and 48 posture forms.

Colin has now been teaching Tai Chi for over 18 years and continues his own learning through studying with Master Bob Weatherall.

Master Bob Weatherall  has trained extensively with Chinese Masters the Far East such as Luk Chi Fu and Huang Jifu and in Britain with Dick Watson.


Classes are held weekly on Wednesday evenings at the John Atkinson Sports Centre in Warwick
All ages, levels & abilities are welcome.
Classes begin at 7pm


John Atkinson Sports Centre
(Myton School)
Myton Road
CV34 6PJ

Sports Centre Tel: 01926 498 363

  • What is Tai Chi Chuan?

    Tai Chi is a form of exercise, developed by the Chinese but it is so much more than just an exercise. Tai Chi is an internal cultural art and is the Chinese path to mental, physical and spiritual fitness. It can also be an effective method of self defence. For more experienced students we also practice fan forms as well as both long and broad sword forms.

  • What is involved?

    Tai Chi consists of a series of linked, slow, flowing relaxed movements in a form of moving meditation. By practicing Tai Chi regularly, you can increase mental fitness as well as physical fitness.

  • Who can practice Tai Chi?

    The gentleness of the Tai Chi forms means that people of any age or condition can practice the art and gain from it. (If you are unsure about whether or not Tai Chi is suitable for you, please consult your Doctor before beginning)

  • How can Tai Chi improve health?

    The movements, although slow, gently tone and strengthen the muscles, improves blood circulation and balance whilst relaxing the mind and body. This makes Tai Chi a good natural antidote to stress.

  • What are fan forms?

    These are tai chi forms (routines) that involve the use of either one or two fans.

  • What are Tai Chi Sword forms?

    These are Tai Chi Forms or routines which are practised using a long sword or a broad sword. The swords are made of metal (but not sharp!) or hard wood.

  • What do I need to get started?

    Light, loose casual clothes e.g. T-Shirt and jog bottoms or a tracksuit and flat shoes, plus an open mind!

  • How much does it cost?

    Classes at Tai Chi in Warwick are currently £8 each, payable in advance in batches of five classes. There is also an annual insurance and membership fee about £35. This is payable after the first couple of weeks once you are certain you wish to continue learning Tai Chi. The insurance is provided by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.

  • What is the BCCMA?

    The BCCMA is the UK governing body for all Chinese martial arts in the UK. It is the only such body recognised by the UK Sports Council.

  • Can I just turn up?

    No. Please email me in advance using the contact form at the bottom of the page, to check class availability.

  • Is the class friendly?

    Tai Chi in Warwick is a small, friendly and welcoming class which is made up of people of all ages and abilities. It also occasionally socialises outside of class for dinners and BBQs.

  • Is there an age limit?

    No there is no age limit! Tai Chi can be done by anyone of any age, although for these classes, participants are required to be 18 years of age and above.

  • Is there car parking at the venues?

    Yes loads of it and it is free.


Please feel free to contact Colin with any queries or questions you may have.

All conversations are private and confidential and no details will be passed onto any third parties.